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We create communications to connect, motivate and engage.

Meaningful conversations have the power to awaken the passion and purpose of your people. We design communication strategies that inspire those conversations and ultimately cultivate stronger relationships, create new opportunities and produce better business results. Then, we put those plans into action—with exceptional writing.

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Strategic Communication and Writing

Strategic Facilitation

Effective strategy begins
with strategic conversations.

We guide your senior leaders through interactive workshops that move them from short-term operational thinking and problem-solving tactics to long-term possibility thinking and enduring solutions. I'm interested →

Internal Communication

Energize and align your workforce
with compelling narratives.

Leverage our knowledge, our toolkit of leading practices, and our years of experience designing internal communication and employee engagement strategies to ignite fresh passion and purpose in your people. Yes, please! →


Words have power.
Let's make sure every one counts.

When you’re running into immovable writer’s block, struggling to find the right words or don’t have the creative juices to write compelling messages, our team of writers and content producers save the day. I need this! →

What’s New at Inciteful Communications

Measuring the Effectiveness of Internal Communication

As communicators, we’re faced with the constant tension between art and science. On the one hand, we’re tasked with developing creative and memorable messages that inspire and motivate employees—creating an emotional connection to their work.

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