Smart, Purposeful
Internal Communication

We develop messages that ignite passion and purpose.

Engaging your employees starts with meaningful conversations. We design communication strategies that inspire those conversations and ultimately cultivate stronger relationships, create new opportunities and produce better business results.

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Strategic Communication and Writing

Leadership Transitions

Inform, influence and incite!

You can’t achieve extraordinary business results if no one understands your vision or how to act on it. Think strategically about how to craft, and powerfully deliver, your message.

Employer Branding

Be an employer of choice.

Ignite the passion and purpose of your employees–reinforcing their emotional commitment to your organization and transforming them into powerful advocates for your employer brand.

Team Development

Cultivate your bench strength.

What is the role of internal communications in your organization? Grow the impact of your team–whether it’s a dedicated group or individuals across the company supporting the function.

What’s New at Inciteful Communications

Your Questions About Internal Communications—Answered!

According to Gallup, employee engagement has been stable since 2011, but that's not necessarily good news. Only three in 10 workers are engaged. They come to work with a sense of purpose—doing work that keeps them interested and productive. But ... 70 percent of your employees are checked out and just going through the

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