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Inciteful Communications designs and implements employee engagement strategies that attract and retain your best people.

We work at the intersection of internal communication, leadership and employer branding—building a culture of engagement in your complex, rapidly growing company.

Inciteful Communication: internal communication, leadership, employer branding

Internal Communications

Think strategically about internal communication to get your point across and guide your people toward priorities that matter.

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Leadership Transitions

Develop the leadership skills you need to navigate the twists, pivots, and perpetual flux in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

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Employer Branding

Become an employer of choice by galvanizing your internal advocates and reinforcing their emotional commitment to your organization.

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The 5 Essential Attitudes of Successful Leaders

We’ve all encountered them: horrible leaders. They lack empathy and humility, offer a vague vision of the future, and are slow to adapt to change. But we all know—and love—a good leader when we meet them. Those leaders similarly have characteristics that boil down to attitudes that can be adopted by anyone.

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