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A seasoned business strategist and professional writer, Michele specializes in helping organizations leverage the power of words to connect, inspire and engage employees. Outside of work, she enjoys yoga, honing her amateur photography skills and testing "clean" recipes in the kitchen, but always makes time to enjoy quality time with friends and family...and a good book. Catch up with her on Google+ or Twitter.

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  1. Even when we know better, it’s hard not to look at those metrics. Don’t you agree, Michele? There’s a herd mentality that seems to be embedded within us that brings on the often false impression that there’s safety, or authority, in the crowd. That would be great if we were zebras on the Savannah trying to stay safe from the lions, but as business owners we want our customers to be able to easily pick us out of the crowd.

    I love the approach you take here in valuing your business. It’s this kind of thinking that makes you stand out from the crowd and develop a smaller following of dedicated people who will buy from, and promote, your business. The Authority Rules webinar was awesome. Sonia and Chris really get it. Thanks for the great post.

    • You said it well Brad, “develop a smaller following of dedicated people who will buy from, and promote, your business.” Especially for small business owners, trying to please the general population (“anyone with skin,” as Sonia Simone said) is exhausting and expensive. But focusing on a smaller few who are engaged, interested and supportive of your brand … well that’s rewarding in ways that go beyond the financial gains!

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!

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