Fight da funk

I’ve worried you. I apologize.

Some of you think I’ve fallen gravely ill, died or worse, that Write to Incite is now defunct (it’s not). Emails and private messages from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have begun to trickle in asking, “Where are you?” and “Are you OK?”

You have reason to to be concerned. I am too, because for more than two months I haven’t posted a single blog post here or sent a fresh issue of my eNewsletter.

There isn’t an earth-shattering reason for my absence, really. I was just in a bit of a writer’s funk. In fact, I’ve spent weeks lamenting, “I don’t have time to write (for myself or my business).” The litany of excuses is endless, of course.

I blame my workload. I blame all the running around I do for my kids. I blame lack of creative inspiration. I blame exhaustion. I blame not having anything important to write about or share. I blame everyone and everything, but the one thing that is responsible for me not writing:


I haven’t made writing the priority it should be. After all, I’m a writer and marketer shamelessly touting the importance of using content to drive business results and here I am NOT creating or sharing content!

Yesterday as I fired up my laptop and felt the guilt of not writing a blog post creep into my mind (again), I ran into a quote posted on SUCCESS Magazine’s Facebook page:

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” ~Deepak Chopra

Hmmmm… could it be that continuing to say, “I don’t have time,” is the prison that keeps me from writing? (That’s a rhetorical question, please don’t email me the obvious answer, “YES!!”)

Then today, I bump into Chris Brogan’s blog post where he asserts, “We have time to do what we want to do,” and that’s what finally pushed me to write this post. It’s not perfect and it certainly doesn’t follow the usual style of this blog, but it’s forward movement — the beginning of momentum — and sometimes that’s all you need to get over a writing slump (or any other slump).

What about you? Where are you stuck and what is the next best step you can take (even if it’s small and imperfect) to fight da funk?

image credit: fabbio via flickr

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